Decko Africa provides turn-key wireless communication site installations. We self-perform all aspects of site development: site civil construction, foundations, tower erection, site grounding, antenna mounting and installation, microwave path alignment, coax and waveguide installation and sweep testing and site electricals.

We also provide on-call emergency repair and maintenance services as well as fully documented site audits and inspections. Our company offers virtually an unlimited list of capabilities because of our vast experience and industry knowledge:

  • Experienced Project Management
  • Field & Network Optimization and Capacity Upgrades
  • Decko Ltd. services are flexible and can be tailored to meet the customer's specific requirements. The services include Radio Network Design & Planning, Implementation & Deployment, Performance Optimization and strategic planning & development.
    1. Radio Network Planning
      • 4G/LTE, 3G/HSPA and 2G Radio planning and Network Deployment
      • BSS/RAN Dimensioning
    2. Radio Network Optimization
      • Complete 4G/LTE, 3G/HSPA and 2G Optimisation
      • Site verification (coverage & functionality validation)
      • Cluster optimisation
      • Parameters Optimisation & KPI Improvements
    3. End-to-End Performance Analysis & Troubleshooting
      • End-to-End CS & PS services testing (drive test with logs collected at various nodes)
      • Detailed KPI & Logs Analysis
      • Identify all system (non-RF) failure causes
      • Provide necessary recommendations, which may include:
        • Parameters Optimisation proposal
        • Design defect investigation / resolution
        • Capacity plan & upgrade
    4. Network Performance Benchmarking
      • Regular coverage benchmarking
      • Regular performance benchmarking based on:
        • OMC Key Performance Indicators analysis
        • Drive test KPI analysis
        • End customer experience
        • Detailed and executive management reports
        • Recommendations for performance improvements
        • Comparisons with competitors performance
    5. Performance Management
      • Overall Performance Monitoring, and escalation of performance degradation issues
      • QOS Assurance
      • Proactively engage with optimisation teams to enhance the end user perceived performance of the network
      • Capacity Planning
      • Major KPI trending and reporting
    6. Indoor & Special Events Solutions
      • Complete IBS network Design
      • Surveys & design services
      • Optimisation & tuning
      • Benchmarking & performance evaluation of existing solutions
  • Zoning/Site Acquisition
  • Almost without exception, local planning authorities are becoming more rigid about the siting of wireless transmission facilities. Industry growth has outpaced many local governments' ability to understand the impact of wireless towers and, therefore, their ability to properly site and regulate them. The situation is further complicated when residents, expressing alarm over the aesthetic and feared health-related effects of cellular towers, prompt hasty, reactionary regulation. Some communities have installed moratoriums until they have time to research and formulate regulations that are fair to both the community and the industry. It is important to meet with planning authorities at the earliest opportunity to determine their level of experience and/or requirements for the siting of wireless facilities in a particular community. Some of the issues likely to be discussed will include the client's ability to collocate with existing wireless facilities, the use of existing utility sites, and the use of commercially zoned land. During the search for acceptable locations, the requirements identified by the planning authority should be strictly observed. Planning authorities are deadly serious about these requirements and will not support any site that is in violation.
  • Site Audit Services
  • Decko offers
    • Accurate inventory analysis & expansion capabilities
    • All critical and specific site information
    • Identification of site safety & potential equipment issues
    • Trained experts on demand available to augment staff for non-routine auditing requirements
    • Protect reliability & reserve time.
    Detailed cell site equipment inventory is critical to manage network capabilities and expansion needs. Keeping cell sites equipment inventories up to date and readily accessible allows you to accurately forecast future requirements. Our site audit services ensure you have the information you need when you need it.
  • Site Construction (Civil works) for Outdoor, Indoor, and Rooftop RANs
    1. Architectural Plans:
    2. Decko will develop architectural plans which have complete design information.
    3. Design Documents:
      • Complete plans
      • Specifications
      • All technical details necessary to obtain building permits and enable project bidding and construction to proceed
    4. Construction Field Services:
      • Preconstruction site meetings
      • Certification of concrete placements
      • Approval of field changes
      • Periodic quality inspections
      • Final inspection
      • Professional certification
    5. Related Services:
      • Permit filing and acquisition
      • Zoning filings and support documentation
      • Professional testimony when necessary
  • Tower Erection and Painting
    • Rooftop sites
    • Indoor and outdoor sites
    • Rooftop/building mounted antennas
    • Monopole mounted antennas
    • Tower mounted antennas
  • BTS Cabinets & Shelters
  • Site Electricals and Power Reticulation
  • Radio transmission systems installations
  • Equipment commissioning, Integration and Testing Services
  • Manage Site Services
  • Site Maintenance
  • Decko Ltd. Has vast experience in provision of maintenance managed services whose scope includes:
    • 24/7 monitoring of alarms extended from the sites to the NOC.
    • Preventive maintenance
    • Management of site utility power
    • Maintenance, inspection and service of backup power battery banks, rectifiers and inverter systems
    • Maintenance of renewable energy and hybrid power solutions
    • Maintenance of generators as per manufacturer’s recommendations
    • Generators overhaul services
    • Tower inspection and maintenance
    • Tower painting
    • Inspection and maintenance of aviation lights, flood lights
    • Facilities management
    • Fault/event management
    • Fuel supply logistics and consumption management
    • 24/7 site security provisions
  • RF/TX and Microwave Installation