Decko Borehole division specializes in Drilling, Installations, Repairs & Maintenance of Water Boreholes, as well as Design, Installations, Repairs & Maintenance of new Irrigation Systems. We offer a One Stop Solution for all your water needs, Domestic, Commercial or Agricultural.

Offering a total solution, from initial survey through to borehole drilling and turning on the tap and drinking your own pure, fresh water. We are also transparent about our fees & costs, as the cost of a water borehole is dependant on many factors.

Decko promises to provide an environmentally friendly solution, a professional and reliable water borehole service to the private domestic householder, land & property developer or the commercial business owner looking to control utilities costs.

Our boreholes are practically invisible and can be placed close to buildings and covered with turf, gravel, paving etc. and we use only high quality borehole equipment.

Decko owns and operates sophisticated water rigs and drilling machines which are regularly maintained and we are constantly upgrading our equipment.

We are specialists in water borehole drilling to tap the water table beneath your feet on your own land, and then install a pump system, pipe work, control valves and associated equipment. If required, we will also install UV and standard filtration units to make the water drinkable.

Decko provides a complete turnkey water solutions from design, construction, implementation and maintenance.